Class feedback.

On Friday we presented our websites so far to the class. this was an excellent opportunity to receive feedback about the look and functionality of the website from a fairly large group of people. My website wasn’t live on Friday but was sufficiently complete for all of the pages to be viewed in a web browser. One of the areas which was seen could be improved was the text on my ‘Climate’ page. Just a reminder of what this page’s text looked like;


The text seems clear enough at this size. However, once it is smaller and on a webpage filled with other images and text it turns out that the text isn’t particularly easy to read. One of the suggestions as a solution to this was that I change the text to a darker colour, particularly the dark grey of my background. I think I would’ve indeed made this change. However, I decided to improve my image for this page and this text has ended up being incorporated within the image.

My image now looks like this;

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.30.31

I decided that I wanted to have one large infographic on this page, rather than several little ones. This does mean that there is less factual information on the page. However, I feel that displaying a smaller amount of information in a clear and engaging manner is better than displaying several statistics which are less clear. Also, if I were to continue building the website I could easily add more infographics to subsequent pages which would be linked to this one.

I also don’t want to over-use the rollover function, as in fact with this page the function made it harder to engage with and focus on one aspect of the page.

This infographic is still interactive (I think that is an important aspect of my website, interactivity makes the facts seem more interesting etc). So, here the user can click on the buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3. They then see a number of facts relating to rising see levels which are told as a story through the image as the city on the top of the globe sinks.

Clicking the first button gives;

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.38.07

The fact is included in the rising water making it obvious that it relates to the sinking city.

Clicking on the second button gives;

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.40.31

As you can see the sea level rises and a new fact appears. Finally, clicking on the third button results in a partially submerged city;

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.42.36

Another aspect of my website which my class felt could be improved was the fact that on the homepage the second conical flask from the left is not a link. I completely agree that this lack of link detracts from the overall effect of the homepage and may also be a little puzzling for the user. However, in order to make this flask a link I would need to go back and re-slice my image in Illustrator and re-insert the image onto the homepage. I would also need to produce some images for this new page. I don’t feel I have the time to do this and think my time would perhaps be better spent ironing out some of the other coding issues with my site. For instance, half of the images on my ‘Top 10’ page won’t appear in the web browser and possibly need re-inserting.


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