Page no.3 – Climate change.

I’ve finished some of my illustrations for this page. So, I thought I’d lay it out. It now looks something like this…

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 15.06.44

And when you rollover the image you get a lovely statistic/ fact to go with it. Nice. Like this…


I wanted the page to be a little more colourful, so I made the facts appear on a coloured background (keeping to the colours I’d already selected for my colour palate).

The other 2 div tags will also have some images/ facts etc in them (I just haven’t drawn those yet).

I have only one slight (or major) problem with this page so far. It doesn’t work at all in a web browser. So far I have no idea why. Trying to fix the problem by moving the images around the index folder only resulted in the images not appearing in Dreamweaver either. I won’t be doing that again!

Just a quick update on this (I’m actually supposed to be writing an article today – it’s due in tomorrow). I have got this page to work in a web browser though. Stupidly, i hadn’t saved the page in Dreamweaver, which makes all the difference!


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