What are infographics?

I need a page that tells people about infographics, what they are, why they are used etc. However, as my site mainly consists of graphics and there is very little text I don’t really want to start overloading a reader with huge amounts of text. Fortunately, I have found an infographic about infographics (from this website; http://inspiredm.com/30-infographics-about-infographics/) so i’m going to include this by way of an explanation of all things infographic.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.58.11

The only downside with including this infographic is the colours that it uses. It doesn’t exactly fit in with the overall colour scheme of my site. I could combat this by either drawing my own infographic or by altering this one somehow in Photoshop. However, time is tight and I still have quite a few pages and images to create so I think I’ll revisit this if there is time at the end of the process.

When looking into some web design theory I came across the idea of leading/ directing the way in which the website’s users view or read the page. This infographic is pretty long and I’m going to want my readers to scroll down to finish reading it. I also need to include some buttons/ links so that people can navigate around the website from this page.

However, the infographic is pretty large and the page is pretty full. I’ve ended up solving both the navigation and the direction of viewing issues in one go. I’ve included the original conical flasks (from my homepage) as links. This time I have also given them a label – to make navigation really straightforwards for the user. I’ve included a screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 16.13.55


In order to direct the user’s attention down the page I’ve put each link one below the other. I also read that when attempting to direct a user’s reading down the page it helps to use images that get progressively smaller. So, I’ve made these flasks get smaller and smaller as they go down the page. Like this;

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 16.21.03

Hopefully, the reader’s attention will now be directed down the page, having the added benefit that they are likely to read more of the infographic.




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