Inspiration – the Great Digital Exhibit.

This week I took a trip to Shoreditch with a friend in order to visit the Great Digital Exhibit. The leaflet describes it as ‘one of the largest community-sourced interactive exhibitions that London has ever seen’. And it was pretty big.

The exhibit was a sort of technology meets art meets humanity showcase located in the basement of Shoreditch town hall. Lots of cool lighting, brickwork and pipes etc.

One of the exhibitions I liked the most was a camera coupled to a screen that turned all of your movements into sound and spikes that you could see on the screen. So, when you were standing still a fuzzy picture of you appeared on the screen and as you moved your image turned into an angry spikey blob. I’ll show you it’s easier…


This was us standing still.


This was what happened when we moved around.


A close-up of the spikes.

There was another room, called the ‘electric jungle’, which was lit by optical wires. Three xbox controllers hung from the ceiling and controlled electrical appliances; a disco ball, hoover, mixer, fan etc.

ImageImageThis room also had a screen with some interactive graphics which were pretty cool, I’ll put some examples below because they were really psychedelic/ pop arty/ just pretty hard to describe…I’m loving the orange blob-man (and the cake obviously).

ImageImageImageImageSlightly scary right?

There was also a room filled with vintage computers (mainly macs) displaying influential early websites.

ImageImageI got excited because there was a floppy disk on display….oh how technology has moved on!

There was so much more to see at this exhibit and I took over 200 photos. But don’t worry I’ll spare you the holiday snaps routine and instead leave you with a photo of a room filled with musical lasers (just imagine the offspring of a sic-fi movie and a classical orchestra).



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