Web Design – Week 3

This week we’ve been linking CSS style sheets with the HTML of our webpages. Have to say mine isn’t overly exciting yet as I’m still working on the images for my site. Although, I can confirm that the CSS and HTML sheets are linked (I can tell as I’ve managed to turn my entire website green – hopefully not a long term colour scheme!)photo

Perhaps a mock up of the main image on my homepage? I also found a great website with tutorials for how to make interesting text in illustrator so I’ve made some text that (hopefully) looks like it was written on a chalkboard. Making this has been a really good way of exploring the texture features of illustrator, as well as helping me get to grips with brush strokes.ImageI’ve also done some more website research and have found some good examples of infographics being used effectively on websites…

ImageThis website has some really nicely interactive infographics (unfortunately my French is pretty poor – so I have no idea what they actually mean). The only thing that I find a little annoying is the really bright background – oh and all the swishing around that goes on when you click on a button, makes me feel a tad seasick. I do like that the website is atypical – it doesn’t have a navigational banner (it doesn’t need one) and the image in the middle is an interactive way of exploring the website. I’d like the image on my own webpage to be similarly interactive (although maybe not as complex), so that people are able to navigate my website using the central image on the homepage.


I really like the colour palate of the one above – nice and clear and simple – nice images too. Although I think that the text on the website could be better defined. Maybe some separating lines/ divisions would make the graphics and texts easier to distinguish and separate.

The one below had a really good structure- a sort of menu bar on the right and a scrolling section on the left. However, my screen had to be on full brightness for me to be able to see the white text on very light blue background. So maybe I’ll skip that colour scheme on my own site.

ImageI’ve also been attempting a carousel layout for my main page – the conical flasks would spin round as you selected them. But this seems to require me to use flash, so I’m just getting to grips with adding flash into my webpage. I’m nearly there so hopefully the next blog will have a screenprint of it…maybe!

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